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North Carolina House Members Introduce Bill to Provide School Calendar Flexibility

Buncombe County Representatives in the North Carolina House introduced House Bill 160: School Calendar/Buncombe & Asheville today. House Bill 160 would give Buncombe County Schools and Asheville City Schools the freedom and flexibility to set their school calendar each year. These school districts would like to see finals occur before winter break, along with better calendar alignment with A-B Tech. This bill is similar to other school calendar flexibility bills that have been introduced in the House and Senate this session. 


“As a former Buncombe County teacher (and forever educator), I trust local school districts to make the choices that are best for their students and community. I am proud to introduce House Bill 160 to provide Buncombe County Schools and Asheville City Schools the support and flexibility they need to serve students and families in a way that makes sense to them, said Rep. Lindsey Prather (D-House District 115)


“I am grateful for the support of our state legislators in prioritizing the needs of our students and families,” said Buncombe County Schools Superintendent Dr. Rob Jackson. “The ability to align the school calendar with our community college and to administer final exams before the winter break will benefit students across Buncombe County. This bill would allow our locally-elected Boards of Education to create a school calendar that best serves our community.”


“Having more flexibility in the calendar will allow us to better serve our community,” said Asheville City Schools Interim Superintendent Dr. Jim Causby, “This will ensure we are providing the best education experience possible for all of our students. We are very appreciative of the partnership with our elected officials and thank them for their work.”