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Middle School Reconfiguration

Starting in the upcoming academic year, ACS will be consolidating Montford North Star Academy and Asheville Middle School into a single, unified middle school. This decision was not made lightly and was driven by our commitment to providing the highest quality education for all students in a fiscally responsible manner. 

Check out the awesome AMS and MNSA student socials happening this summer!

Rising 7th and 8th Grade Meet Ups

On April 9th, 2024, a Reconfiguration Team comprised of administrators, educators, students, and families from AMS, MNSA, and Central Office met with Kathleen Osta of Vital Clarity. During the April 9th meeting, the Reconfiguration Team collectively identified 5 priority areas for our school community to focus on during the reconfiguration:

  • Consolidation Communication 
  • Community Engagement 
  • Procedures and Expectations Handbook
  • Staff Planning
  • Bonding and Sense of Belonging 
Participants formed 5 Action Teams and each team will work to ensure that the tasks in their respective priority areas listed above are completed. The 5 Action Teams meet regularly to formulate a timeline and sequential steps for their projects.
Progress Report: Week of June 24th
  • Team leads are meeting to discuss project completion and progress
  • Rising 7th and 8th grade socials have been planned and scheduled for summer
  • Items from MNSA are being relocated to AMS 
Progress Report: Week of May 31st
  • Parent Leaders from each grade level at both schools have been identified 
  • Back to school events at AMS are being planned with MNSA and AMS PTO
  • Packing boxes have been delivered at both schools with digital leads supporting technology transitions
  • Procedures and Expectations Handbook Team is developing a school handbook that draws from MNSA and AMS handbook 
  • Two staff socials have taken place
  • AMS school tour was on May 12, 2024
  • MNSA tour of AMS event is in planning 
  • Meet the teacher event is in planning for August
To learn more about the Middle School Reconfiguration please click the link below.

Middle School Reconfiguration Website

Reconfiguration Timeline: Updated June 10th, 2024

June Reconfiguration Team Meetings:

June 10th MeetingJune 10th MeetingJune 10th Meeting

April Reconfiguration Team Meetings:
MS April Meeting1MS April Meeting2MS April Meeting3MS April Meeting

Thank you for your support, feedback, and passion as we navigate the middle school reconfiguration together as a school community. 

To view the Brainstorming Charts from previous sessions, please click the following links: 

Asheville Middle School Brainstorming Session: March 18th, 2024

Montford North Star Academy Brainstorming Session: March 20th, 2024

Why was Vital Clarity selected? 
Vital Clarity facilitates participatory meetings that support education agencies and organizations as they fulfill their purpose. Vital Clarity utilizes consensus facilitation methods that articulate and build alignment within groups. With 30 years' experience applying these methods in a wide range of settings and fields, Vital Clarity draws out the best thinking and creativity from all participants. Asheville City Schools is grateful to Kathleen Osta of Vital Clarity for her guidance and expertise throughout this process.