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Middle School Reconfiguration Website

Middle School Reconfiguration Website

Reconfiguration Timeline: Updated April 8, 2024

School-Based Consolidation Brainstorming Sessions: 
On March 18th and March 20th, Asheville Middle School and Montford North Star Academy held their respective consolidation planning sessions led by Vital Clarity. Participants at each school included current students, educators, and parents. The goal of these sessions was to provide a safe, generative space for participants to share their perspectives, ideas, and emotions surrounding the middle school consolidation. To encourage honest conversations, no district administrators or Board of Education members were present. Each planning session was guided by the question, "What are all the things we need to think about to ensure the smoothest transition possible while: 1) maintaining educational excellence, 2) supporting all those affected, and 3) building a renewed sense of belonging?"

Session Ideas: 
To view the Brainstorming Charts from both sessions, please click the following links: 

Asheville Middle School Brainstorming Session: March 18th, 2024

Montford North Star Academy Brainstorming Session: March 20th, 2024

Why was Vital Clarity selected? 
Vital Clarity facilitates participatory meetings that support education agencies and organizations as they fulfill their purpose. Vital Clarity utilizes consensus facilitation methods that articulate and build alignment within groups. With 30 years' experience applying these methods in a wide range of settings and fields, Vital Clarity draws out the best thinking and creativity from all participants. Asheville City Schools is grateful to Kathleen Osta of Vital Clarity for her guidance and expertise throughout this process.