Google FAQ

Posted by S. Annand on 10/22/2015 1:26:00 PM

ImageHuh? I have a Google Account?

Every student at AMS has aschoolGoogle account. When your computer account is created, your Google account is automatically created too. There are 2 links on the left side of this page that you will find helpful. One will take you directly to your gmail (email) inbox and the other will take you directly to your Google Drive. You must log in to bothusing your full email address. The format for this address is (your username) Youmustuse this address! 

If you need help, please see Mr. Annand. He is available in the Media Center every morning from 8:00 - 8:30 am.

I have a personal Gmail account. Why should I use my school account?

  1. Our school Google account has an address book that is set up so you can easily address emails and share documents with both students and teachers. This isn’t easy to do with your personal email. And, your teacher will share documents with your school account.
  2. If anything happens to a document in your school Google account, Mr. Annand can help recover it.

Is my Google account private?

No. All Google accounts are monitored by the Gaggle service. If Gaggle detects that you are using your Google account in an inappropriate way, your account will be flagged and your grade level assistant principal will be notified.  Your account can be disabled if you have too many flags. Please use our Google services appropriately.