Class Newslettter

Posted by B. Moore on 11/3/2016 1:06:38 PM

Dear Parents,October 28, 2016

We had a busy week. We went on two field trips,had  two birthday celebrations, and we met with our third grade reading buddies to play Worm Bin Bingo. Your children are first grade scientists.

Monday, October 31 is an early release day. Please send a note to let me know how your child will get home. We will have a Halloween party in our class on Monday. Students may bring their costumes and change into them before the party. Costumes need to be appropriate for school. We will have a special snack and activities. Thank you to the parents who are organizing this.

Reading for Next Week

Story A Fox and a Kit

Amazing Words for Oral Vocabulary

observe, wild, screech, reserve, parent, canopy, million, native

High Frequency Words

eat, her, five, this, four, too

Phonics  - inflected endings -s and -ing

wags, sips, sees, packs, gets, nods, fits, yaps, picks, digs

picking, locking, seeing, packing, looking, going, doing

Comprehension Skill Main Idea and Details

Please practice the word lists, sentences, and decodable books until your child is snappy. Reading folders are due Thursday. Thanks for all you do for our class. Snack next week will be provided by Tanner.

Beth Moore