Friday, November 4

Posted by B. Moore on 11/3/2016 1:50:07 PM

Dear Parents,November 4, 2016

Tuesday, Nov. 8 and Friday, Nov. 11  - No School

This week we will start our first Inquiry Project. Students have chosen an animal they will research. We have collected books, learned to use websites, learned how to stop, think, and react to new information, and how to keep projects organized. We continue to read about wild and tame animals. Ms Crystal is providing support as we learn to use resources to answer questions and learn more about our animals.

In math, we continue our unit on shapes. Students are describing and sorting shapes. Vocabulary to reinforce at home: straight, curved, sort, square, triangle, corners, vertices, quadrilateral, rectangle, trapezoid, rhombus.

Students are writing personal narratives. They are using a graphic organizer to plan a beginning, middle, and end. Students enjoy sharing their writing with the class.

We will meet with our third grade reading buddies every Thursday afternoon.

Reading for Next Week

Story Get the Egg

Amazing Words for Oral Vocabulary

habitat, survive croak, hatch, chirp, moist

High Frequency Words

saw, tree, small, your


Short e words - men, ten, jet, bed, red, net, sled, step, leg, wet

Initial Consonant Blends - crop, flick,smell, stick, brag, drill, glad, fret, grin, spell, block

Comprehension Skill Main Idea and Details and Story Structure

Please practice the word lists, sentences, and decodable books until your child is snappy. Reading folders are due Thursday. Thanks for all you do for our class. Snack next week will be provided by Stella. Please check the snack sign up sheet. We need people to sign up for the end of this month and the beginning of Dec.

Beth Moore