November 10

Posted by B. Moore on 11/10/2016 1:19:21 PM

Dear Parents,November 10, 2016

Friday, Nov. 11  - No School

Wednesday, Nov. 16 - Thanksgiving Meal in the Cafeteria. Please me know if you are coming.

Monday, Nov. 21 Field Trip to the Farmers’ Market - Chaperones needed

Thanksgiving Break Nov. 23,24,25

This week we worked on  our first Inquiry Project. We practiced looking at images and describing what we see. We learned you can get information about animals from the words and the pictures. Students are sketching and taking notes.

In math, we continue our unit on shapes. Students are describing and sorting shapes. Vocabulary to reinforce at home: straight, curved, sort, square, triangle, corners, vertices, quadrilateral, rectangle, trapezoid, rhombus.

In writing, we are working on capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for names. We read about Veterans’ Day and played games about using capital letters.

We will meet with our third grade reading buddies every Thursday afternoon.

Reading for Next Week

Story Animal Park

Amazing Words for Oral Vocabulary

desert, world, silent, medicine, forest, chatter, snort, poisonous

High Frequency Words

home, them, into, many


Short u words and final consonant blends

crust, must, trust, lump, bump, just, dusk, jump, dust, hunt

Comprehension Skill Cause and Effect

Please practice the word lists, sentences, and decodable books until your child is snappy. Reading folders are due Thursday. Thanks for all you do for our class. Snack next week will be provided by Ashley. Please check the snack sign up sheet. We need people to sign up for Dec. 12 and Jan. 9.

Beth Moore