Newsletter 12/2/16

Posted by B. Moore on 12/2/2016 4:33:54 PM

Dear Parents, 12/2/16

I am listening to the rain as I write this newsletter. I am thankful for the rain and for the privilege of spending my days with your children. We have built a supportive classroom community and it is rewarding to watch them take care of each other in many ways.  

In math we are working on subtracting one number from another, with starting amounts of up to 12. We are developing counting back as a strategy for subtracting two numbers. We continue to work on addition and writing equations.

In Social Studies we are studying communities, customs, and celebrations. Students may bring in books about holidays you celebrate to share with the class.

We have a field trip to the Grove Park Inn to see the gingerbread houses on Monday, December 19. Please return your permission slips.

Snack next week will be provided by Rose. Thank you all for the delicious snacks.


Story  The Farmer in the Hat

Amazing Words for Oral Vocabulary

Group, share, borrow, rehearsal, respect, aquarium, lines, soothe

High Frequency Words

be, of, could, old, horse, paper


consonants-  c making the s sound, and g making the j sound and long a sound in words

cell, face, race, trace, stage, lace,cage, place, ace, wage, space, gent

safe, name, made, make, cake, take, late

Comprehension Skill

Cause and effect

PTO News

The PTO formed a sub-committee to research the rubber mulch used on our playgrounds. You may find some of the research at the following site

The PTO is asking the ACS Board to replace the rubber mulch with a safe alternative. Please come to theACS Board Meeting on Rubber Mulch on Monday, Dec. 5 at 6:30 PM  in the Isaac Dickson Auditorium/Gym. We need parents to come and show we all care!  

*Childcare provided for school-aged children.


Beth Moore