January 13, 2017

Posted by B. Moore on 1/27/2017 7:38:24 AM


Dear Parents,1-13-17

We had a busy three days after being out for the snow. Students continue to work in their inquiry groups finding facts and asking questions about dinosaurs. Check out the board outside our classroom for some dynamite dinosaur posters. Notecards with facts will be added next week.

In math, we are working on writing equations for a given number using standard notation. Students are using numbers, pictures, words, and equations to solve word problems with multiple addends. Continue practice counting to 120 forward and backward, beginning at any number.


Story  Honey Bees

Amazing Words for Oral Vocabulary

Individual, special, slither, eagerly, industrious, creep, romp, wander

High Frequency Words

also, other, family, some, new, their


Long e sound - feet, we, she, be, he, green, tree, see, me week,

Syllables VC/CV - into, inside, traffic, mitten, fifteen, puppet, kitten, insect, napkin, until, attic

Comprehension Skill

Compare and contrast, questioning

Your children may choose to do the weekly challenge from AIG teacher Mrs. M.They can find the weekly challenges at http://rogemk8.wixsite.com/k2nurture . Mrs. M says, “It is so fun to get their submissions!” Try it out. They are working on idioms. We will continue studying idioms in class.

Mrs. Moore and Ms. Jen