January 20, 2017

Posted by B. Moore on 1/27/2017 7:43:11 AM

Monday, Jan. 23 - Early Release

Dear Parents,1-20-17

Students have completed their dinosaur inquiry projects. They practiced using sticky notes to stop, think, and react to information, and used highlighters to choose the facts they wanted to include on their posters. Next week we will make oral presentations. Each group will present their poster and facts to the class.

In math, we continue to work on addition to 20. Each day we work on “Today’s Number”. Students write equivalent equations for the given number. We have done 7,8,9,10,12. You can practice this at home. Use objects for counting and dividing into groups, and write equations. See handout “Related Activities to Try at Home”.

In social studies, we studied communities of animals and insects. We read about ants, bees, dinosaurs, and people. This week we will begin a new reading book. We will read stories about change -  what is changing in our world. Stories in this unit will include Frog and Toad, a favorite in our class.

Snack next week - Oliver.


Story  A Place to Play

Amazing Words for Oral Vocabulary

growth,public, teeter, makeshift, population, shuffle, crooked, spindly

High Frequency Words

always, everything, things, become, nothing, day, stays


Vowel sound y - by, try, sunny, handy, fly, cry, lucky, silly, puppy, my

Syllables Pattern CV - me, so, he, hi, go, she, pro, me, hello, Jo, be, yoyo

Comprehension Skill

Sequence, Summarize

Your children may choose to do the weekly challenge from AIG teacher Mrs. M.They can find the weekly challenges at http://rogemk8.wixsite.com/k2nurture . Mrs. M says, “It is so fun to get their submissions!” Try it out. They are working on idioms. We will continue studying idioms in class.

Mrs. Moore and Ms. Jen