January 27, 2017

Posted by B. Moore on 1/27/2017 7:40:41 AM

Dear Parents,1-27-17

This week we started a new unit in Science. Students are investigating force and motion. Vocabulary: motion, force, gravity, push, pull, heavy, light, mass, direction, speed, friction.

In math, students are working on counting strips, 120 number charts, using ten frames to show two digit numbers, reading and writing numbers to 120 and counting to 120 beginning at any number. They continue to solve word problems with two and three addends.

In social studies we are reading about changes in our community and how animals and people change as they grow. Writing is taught across the curriculum. We will focus on persuasive writing.

Snack next week will be provided by Tanner.


Story  Ruby in Her Own Time

Amazing Words for Oral Vocabulary

attempt, timeline, flatter, lovely, event, famous, correct, common

High Frequency Words

any, every, were, enough, own, ever, sure


Compound Words - sidewalk, flagpole, bathtub, beehive, lipstick, sandbox, weekend, sunblock, football

Consonant patterns ng, nk - bring, bank, rink, sunk, trunk, sang, blank, pink, wing, rang

Comprehension Skill

Compare and Contrast, Inferring

Your children may choose to do the weekly challenge from AIG teacher Mrs. M.They can find the weekly challenges at http://rogemk8.wixsite.com/k2nurture .

Roller Skating Rink Field Trip

We are pending approval- so this is not 100% confirmed. February 10, 2017- stay tuned for approval and the permission slip.

Mrs. Moore and Ms. Jen