Posted by S. Davis on 11/3/2016 10:44:01 AM

Online websites for your students. This is a selection of websites we use at school and how your student can access them at home. If you need your students username/passwrods for any of these let me know and I will get it to you. Most of them are pretty good and have theirs remembered.
-Our home site. Student activities are under the "student tab". Lots of good stuff here. Check it out with your child nad see what they can teach you

-This site is great for students who are ready to read on their own or for you to read aloud to them. Students use their school email and password. The group username is: acsnc
-This site is only available to be used during the school day at this point. I am trying to figure out how to have home access. Once I figure it out you will have a free 30 day trial and then can pay $4.99 a month. This site has audio books and read aloud books which will be great for all readers especially those students still learning to read.
-Great resource for books on animals, science, biographies and social studies. They read aloud as well
Username: dickson
password: school
-This site is great for social studies and science topics. There is a video for each topic, a quiz and some other activities.
Username: ides
Password: school
-Same as above, but wider variety of lessons and for a little older group. There is still some great stuff on here. 
Username: ides
Password: school
-Great site for learning and practicing math skills. This is good for all levels of learners. I created an account for each student to show their progress with this work
Username and password: same as school username and password
-site on our home site of some computer coding activities. No username or password needed
-Safe search engine for kids
-Site attached to our reading and math curriculum. Students can play math games we have used in class and complete assignments I have assigned. Can also access the online version of the student reading text book.
Username: school email
Password: school password
Clever; I-Ready math
-This will take you to i-ready where the students can practicce math skills tailoredd to needs shown on an assessment we took earlier in the year. you can also access this from the dickson site.
Username and password are their school username and password