April / May

Posted by L. Blaich on 5/24/2015 9:13:49 AM

I am very happy to say that our end-of-year benchmark assessments are complete for Literacy. We’re still working on Math assessments, but we’re almost complete with those as well. ALL kids have made progress. I’m so proud of each child and am so grateful for your support! You’ll get more details with your child’s final report card. While I want to honor each child’s year’s worth of hard-work during this assessment period, I also want to keep the whole class happy and engaged during the final couple of weeks. Here’s some of what we’re up to:

We had such a great experience at Warren Wilson College’s fiber arts studio! Hopefully you heard about the spinning wheel, bracelet-making, the indigo dye, the garden, bookmark-making, the looms, and weaving. I’m not sure if all the kids realized it, but they each got to weave a section of a rug, which I just received in the mail! On Fridays we will be doing some more weaving with Ms. Paige.

I’d like for the kids to make “Sweet Dreams” pillows. I’m thinking it would be best if three sides of each pillow could be pre-sewn by machine, then the kids could add stuffing and hand sew the final side. For this to happen we’ll need lots of materials and help! I’m happy to get the materials if there are enough people to do the pre-sewing (at home, or in class) and enough people to come in to help the kids add stuffing and do the hand-sewing to finish their pillows. Fridays work well for us for a “Sewing Bee,” but we can also be flexible! Please let me know if you’re interested!

Also, the class is interested in making a quilt. Anyone interested in helping with this? Let me know, and we can plan together!

We’ve also been busy working on opinion writing pieces and persuasive letters. We’re trying to convince Ms. May’s class to let us use their sand/rice table! Ask your children their opinion on various things – it’s fun to keep it light-hearted – and remind them to give you reasons for their opinions.

Each child will have the opportunity to think like an engineer during centers as we work together to plan, draw, build, and re-build rollercoasters with foam “half pipes,” toothpicks, and marbles.

As you can tell, we're super busy! Join us the classroom if you can!