My child attends preschool on the high school campus. Will they continue to have class?

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The Asheville High School Childcare Center has not been affiliated with the Asheville City Schools Preschool Program although they both operate under appropriate state childcare/preschool guidelines. The childcare center has been an instructional class under the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. It is a teaching class where high school students have opportunities to learn about the early childhood education field.  Unfortunately, without high school students attending school face-to-face, the AHS Childcare class cannot be funded and operate in its current format.  Funding is based on high school students participating in class through this CTE program.   

Despite these challenges, Asheville City Schools is committed to the families of the Asheville High School Childcare Center.  All impacted families received communication detailing an opportunity to join the district’s preschool program on the campus of Asheville Primary School.