How will rooms and meeting areas be cleaned and arranged? How often will they be sanitized?

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  • Rooms will have unnecessary items removed to reduce the number of frequently touched surfaces requiring disinfecting
  • Each building will have a custodial member assigned as the “high-touch” sanitizer to specifically clean frequently touched areas in the building throughout the school day.  This is to include door knobs, door handles, water-bottle filling stations, flat surfaces in common areas, bathrooms, general office workspaces, etc.  This individual will cycle throughout the building during the work day.
  • To reduce the possibility of cross-contamination and aid in contact tracing, staff and students will only spend time in a limited number of spaces on a daily basis.  This schedule will continue throughout the pandemic.  More specifically, students will be assigned the same bus/bus seat, classroom/class seat, bathroom, etc. throughout this event.
  • Each room on every ACS campus has been measured and assigned a “50% Capacity” maximum number based on each person requiring 36 sq. ft to maintain social distancing
  • Water fountains will be disabled.  However, the water-bottle filling stations will be open for students to get water as needed.  Disposable cups will be provided for students and staff.  Students may bring a bottle from home if they choose.  The water-bottle filling stations will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day.
  • All spaces will be sanitized with a CDC-approved virucide after the occupants leave the building each day.