How will heating and cooling systems be tested and maintained?

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  • The Asheville City Schools Maintenance Department has taken the following steps within the past two months:
    • Hired an outside, third-party consultant to inspect the functionality of all HVAC systems.  The third-party consultant is prepared to go through the systems again in the month of October.  They made recommendations to our Maintenance Department, which our staff have continued to follow including: outside air flow, indoor humidity maintenance, air filtration, etc.
    • Hired an outside, third-party to inspect the air-quality within each ACS building.  
    • Changed the minimum level air filters in our HVAC air handlers required by federal regulations to the higher grade MERV-13 filters.  This is the grade of filter used in hospitals and care-centers.
    • Purchased and will continue to purchase outdoor pavilion tents for schools to set-up outdoor learning areas.  This will only of course be effective as the temperature and weather allows us to use those areas.