Will Asheville City Schools have a 100% virtual learning model for the 2021-2022 school year?

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  • Asheville City Schools will use our Homebound Services for any family requesting that their child not attend school in-person due to medical reasons, including those students who have a condition considered high-risk for COVID-19.  Please know a medical documentation page will be required in order to utilize this process.  
  • For students who will be out of school for at least a semester, ACS has contracted with a remote learning provider to provide instructional services to students (K-8: Edgenuity, 9-12: NCVPS). This will provide additional support for students above and beyond our typical homebound services.  Additional information about our Remote Learning Provider can be found here. 
  • If you are requesting this process for your child, please contact their school for the required paperwork for Homebound services.